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A distinctive and unique feature of Villa Angiolina is its history and the importance it has played over the centuries for the Sorrento community. The current building is only part of the old farmhouse, surrounded by a vast garden of citrus trees, which in 1826 was the residence of the nobleman Rubinacci. In 1956 Salvatore Apreda, thanks to its enterprising capacity that from farmer led him become an entrepreneur, managed to buy the whole house and the adjoining agricultural land, on which he later built the construction company, the mill (the mill still welcomes our guests to witness the fruitful past) and the brick factory. The Fondo Parsana, the name of the property at that time, became also a hub of city life during that period: festivals, processions and social gatherings of the Sorrento Peninsula were held there with shared participation. But the property has been, before and above all, the family home of the Apreda family that here gathered around the energetic grandmother Angiolina. The Relais was indeed named after her.

Villa Angiolina, as it looks like today to its guests, was founded in 2009 and has been carefully restored by her son Nello with enthusiasm and love for the historical tradition of these places.

Villa Angiolina offers modern hospitality with respect for tradition.

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